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COUNTY FIRE is the experts at the design, engineering, and installation of Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS) in the New York and the Tri-State area. Current NYC Building codes mandate that all high-rise buildings in New York City to be able to connect with the FDNY using an auxiliary radio communication system (ARCS). Giving the fire department full radio communication throughout the building in case of an active emergency.

Based on your building’s occupancy, COUNTY FIRE will design and install an ARCS system that provides crisis communication and security to all your tenants and/or clients. COUNTY FIRE services include ARCS system design, ARCS system installation, ARCS system maintenance, ARCS system inspection, certifications & re-certifications.


Since 2015, all buildings over 75 feet tall in any of New York`s five boroughs are required to install specialized communications equipment to supplement FDNY’s radio communications. This special radio system for high-rise buildings is known by the acronym ARCS, which stands for “Auxiliary Radio Communication System”.

ARCS systems allow fire fighters to maintain radio communications within the walls of tall buildings that would otherwise cause them to be without the ability to coordinate their efforts and respond effectively. The tragic outcome of firefighters’ inability to hear each other or their command and control centers when responding to earlier events, including the attacks of September 11th, 2001 are well known. The ARC system avoids potential problems caused by thick concrete walls and the former need to switch between radio channels.

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Here’s what we include when installing your building’s ARCS.

Power Supply

RAU (Radio Amplification Unit)

Uplink/Downlink Propagation Analysis

DRC (Dedicated Radio Console)

CAP (Cabling and Antenna Plant)

System Monitoring

What Is ARCS?
Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems (ARCS) are two-way emergency radio networks. These systems are installed in high-rise buildings for use by the fire department during an active emergency. The ARCS system is designed and operates to receive and transmit the FDNY portable radio signals throughout the building – enabling their radio communication to operate without fail in the event of an emergency. The way our systems are designed, is that it is fireproof, that even in the event of a power failure/outage and/or a disconnection of the telecommunication power, the ARCS will continue to operate and assist the Fire Department personnel to continue with their vital operations and keep up constant communication between each other. ARCS Operate Continuously, even during power outages, and their main purpose is to assist communication via FDNY radio. The system ensures radio communication is available at all times.

What Properties Require ARCS?
Under the 2014 NYC Building Code, the City of New York requires all new construction high-rise buildings (i.e. taller than 75 feet) to install and maintain an auxiliary communication system – ARCS, in any of the five boroughs. This particular in-building radio communications implementation is known as a FDNY Auxiliary Radio Communication System, or known in short as – ARCS.

Contact COUNTY FIRE to find out more information on ARCS and if it applies to your building. We will walk you through every step of the way from planning, installation, testing, permits and processing and continuous monitoring and re certifications.

FDNY Requirements for ARC Systems

Section FC 511 of the New York City Fire Code outlines the ARCS requirements for property owners. In general, property owners must follow rules for ARCS design, installation, inspection and maintenance. ARCS requirements include (but not limited to):

New Construction:

All new construction high-rise buildings require ARCS to be installed. According to NYC rules, all buildings 75 feet or taller are considered high-rise.

Installer Qualifications:

ARCS installations must be performed by companies with master electrician qualifications. COUNTY FIRE is a recognized FDNY Installer.

Inspection Requirements:

Newly installed ARCS must pass a Commissioning Test, as well as an FDNY acceptance test. COUNTY FIRE performs all requirements and get you the permits and approvals needed.

ARCS Maintenance:

ARCS must be in good working order; regular inspections and maintenance can ensure long-term performance. COUNTY FIRE continues to maintain and inspect your ARCS system to ensure continuous compliance.

Annual Certification:

The NYC Rules outline annual certification and five-year re-certification processes for ARCS. Annual inspections and certification are required. COUNTY FIRE offers expertise in ARCS design, installation, engineering and maintenance. For NYC property owners, COUNTY FIRE can help you meet FDNY and Building Code requirements.

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